The New Definition of SEO is Search Experience Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or new SEO has now become the most popular phrase in the field of digital marketing, it makes it possible to boost the visibility of websites on search engine pages naturally, without the use of paid services.


The conversion rate of websites still lags far  behind it’s visibility  and this implies that even though a website (business) has attained superb visibility, it lacks conversion benefits when compared to other businesses.


This is new concept ‘Search Experience Optimization’ cover SEO as well as conversion optimization.


Search Experience Optimization is not only limited to the relevant keyword but also keeps the online user’s perspective as the crucial key to boost conversion rates as well as visibility and is much different from earlier SEO aspects.


Adopts Customer-Centered Strategy:
Search Experience Optimization adopts only customer-focused approach. It is not limited to the website, it completely focuses on the customer and thus including regular research (e.g., using a detailed SEO Questionnaire) as to know how to get customer at ease and evaluating what people think about a website.

Concerns about Search Engine Behaviour:
This new view of SEO is very practical about every aspect of the search engines. It tries to find out how search engine behaves with different keywords or content and then use suitable options that can boost business visibility and conversion rate.

Ensures Exciting Experience to Customer:
This SEO strategy is very much Customer-oriented, it tries to make online transactions amusing and memorable. It will make good impressions on users and end up with a healthy relationship between the business and its customers.

Eases Connectivity Between Business & Customers:
This form of SEO ensures that customers can easily see the business on search engine result pages without any hassle, thus improvising the conversion rate of the business.

How to Establish Search Experience Optimization

To implement this Search Experience Optimization, look at the following:


Entrenching Quality and Informative Content:
Make content informative, pleasing, and readable with the bare minimum marketing keywords imbedded.

Implementing an Inbound links Standard:
Avoid backlinks from bad or irrelevant sites.

Create Content from the Customers Perspective:
Creating content according to customer experiences will show the website to potential customer and will make the site easier to spot on search engines and consequently increase the ROI.

Making Seamless Landing Pages:
Never direct users to useless pages as this will confuse them and leave them hating the site. Monitor landing pages to find out why users leave, and then rectify the problems (e.g., errors or the design structure) found on the Landing page.


Search Experience Optimization is a new type of SEO and will steadily bring excellent benefits for customers and business.